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Miami Wynwood Art District

Posted on June 25 2017

Miami Wynwood Art District

Wywood Art District

Wynwood Art District is heaven for art lovers in Miami. Infact, if you are looking for some art, enthusiasm, this is the place for you. A short drive away from Miami Beach, the district offers a recluse for those who wish to find peace in the art forms.

The history of the Wynwood Art District dates back to 1971, when the district was nothing but land and then was gradually developed into the art district as it is now. The Art District has tempted many restaurants and breweries to open their businesses in the district owing to a large number of visitors it enjoys every year.

Wynwood Gallery

Wynwood Art District offers you mesmerizing art galleries, grand retail shops, artisanal eateries, and the largest open air street art installations worldwide. During 1960s, was just home to Caribbean immigrants which was transformed into today’s pioneering businesses by hard working and competent developers.

In the present times, Wynwood Art District enjoys a reputation of being a prime location for art, fashion, creativity, and modernism. Entrepreneurs worldwide who believe in making creativity the center of their life wish to invest in the place to enjoy a wider base of audience.

The District enjoys the emergence of many artistic studios which have added to the zeal of the place tempting many art lovers to come and visit the place. Moreover, the district also possesses a cooperative arts alliance which has drawn attention from many Miami residents, art dealers, media, and even tourists.

Lynwood Walls Entrance

The major attraction of the Wynwood Art District is the Wynwood Walls. It is a unique concept which was conceived by late Tony Goldman in the year 2009. The wall has brought many graffiti and street artists together on one platform.

Enthralled by the District’s charm and wish to explore the place’s treasures? Well, you can take help of Wynwood Art Walk, which is a tour company and possesses professional team of guides who have thorough knowledge of the place.

It would not be incorrect to term Wynwood Art District as the art Mecca, embellished with over 75 art galleries. Most of the art galleries can be enjoyed during 12-5 PM from Tuesday to Saturday. Some of the tourist attractions of the district include Goldman sculpture garden as well as Penetrable which is a children friendly piece.

One can always find something or the other happening at the Wynwood Art District, be it any event, concert, tour, or food tastings. Thus, one just needs to mark the calendar to enjoy the world’s largest gathering of art loving people.

The district is home to many business ventures also who wish to take advantage of the place’s popularity. The Business Improvement District is there to lend you a helping hand in case you wish to open up a shop or a business in the area.

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