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Explore The Magic Of Lil Havana On Calle Ocho In Miami

Explore The Magic Of Lil Havana On Calle Ocho In Miami

Lil Havana

Miami in the United States is known for its vibrant, energetic, and an eclectic culture, lively places and a fascinating neighborhood to enjoy. Among the city’s most renowned areas, the most popular are the Lil Havana, a place extremely popular for authentically capturing the famous Miami Cuban culture. Whether you enjoy a hand-rolled cigar, delicious pastelitos or anything else, you get it all here.

Calle Ocho Miami

Lil Havana magically captures the heart and soul of the Cuban culture present in the Miami city. The place also hosts several fun festivals every last Friday of the month called Viernes Culturales. The main street of Lil Havana is called "Calle Ocho," by both Latinos and gringos meaning "8th Street."

The popular things to do on Calle Ocho

Calle Ocho, 8th street is the most popular Kiwanis Club of Lil Havana that invites and attracts visitors from around the globe. It is the largest Hispanic street festival in the Southeastern United States.  Approximately, one million people join the Calle Ocho festival every year to celebrate the Hispanic cultures from around the world on this legendary Calle Ocho, 8th street.

Among the most popular things to do on Calle Ocho, 8th street includes-

  • Amazing nightlife: Trip to Calle Ocho is incomplete without experiencing the nightlife scenes of the place. One of the famous ones to visit is the Hoy Como Ayer, located on Calle Ocho for the best nightlife experience. It is a not-to-miss experience with nightly Latin live music, unique Latin funk music, and so much more.
  • Awesome food: You can enjoy the delicious food and affordable drinks in the fancy restaurants with plenty of space and open area on the inside and an outside to enjoy the music and dance. They also have a stage inside where people perform live to enjoy fully. In fact, it is one of the other major attractions of the Calle Ocho. Visitors also get to taste the various cultures of home-cooked Latin American and Caribbean delicacies.
  • Fun outdoor activities: If you are an outdoor person, put on your walking shoes and enjoy the outdoors including the famous Maximo Gomez Park, also known as Lil Havana domino Park, Little Havana Cigar Factory or listen to live Cuban music in the evenings. There are music library, hip bars, and airy courtyards to enjoy a traditional Cuban cocktail as well.

Other features of Calle Ocho Festival

  • It is the largest street festival in Miami and it takes place along 8th Street from 8th Avenue to SW 27th Avenue
  • The festival demonstrates various traditional dances and stands to sell folkloric artwork throughout the festival
  • The festival features a lot of interesting events such as couples dance salsa on the street, talented performers and musicians give back to the community.